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Get Latest Geekmaxi Coupon Code For Artillery Hornet 3D Printer Build Volume

The discount is valid for Artillery Hornet 3D Printer Build Volume. If you use this promo code, you can buy it for only 5 € off.This Coupon is valid till 2023-05-31

Key Features:
Easy to Assemble and Use
This printer is 95% pre-assembled with an integrated structure and mental frame. It will only take you 3 minutes to set it up. Also, it is easy to use because you can operate this printer only with a one-key knob integrated switch. If you are a beginner, this printer is definitely right for you.
Classic and Fashionable Appearance
Unlike many 3D printers out there with a plain design, Artillery Hornet is a very attractive one. The design of the sporty-looking was inspired by the high-end sports car. You can feel the charm of science and technology by looking at its classic and fashionable appearance.
No Cable Dangling and Safe to Use
The innovative “Integrated cabling” with patent-pending combines all power and signal cables and filament feeding in one cable. It will not only ensure you be free from cable dangling, but also make the printer look neat. Besides, several fans being set for parts cooling during printing make users be free from overheating trouble.
Stable and Precise Printing
The reverse single Z-axis with patented Z-coupler can make sure every printing is smooth and avoid layering problems. New Titan Extruder with strong extrusion and Modular Hotend with fast-melting and heating helps filament feeding more stable and printing be more precise. The adjustable filament holder can keep the printer’s center of gravity low and minimizes wobble during printing.