BLUETTI EB150 1000W Portable Power Geekbuying Coupon Promo Code [DE Warehouse]


Get Latest Geekbuying Coupon Code For BLUETTI EB150 1000W Portable Power Station [DE Warehouse], 1500Wh Lithium Battery Solar Generator, AC 220V Emergency Battery Backup – Blue
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Key Features:
Large Capacity Power Station
BLUETTI EB150 is equipped with 1500Wh lithium battery, and with a large AC inverter 1000W, this power station is specially designed for high-power device such as blender, drill, hair dryer (Max.1000W), etc.
High Efficient Solar Charging
With a wide solar recharge range 16-60V(OCV), you can connect multi solar panels in series or parallel to provide Max.500W solar energy, and the pre-installed MPPT controller in the BLUETTI EB150 enable recharge the power station 40% faster. We suggest our BLUETTI SP120 (120W) or BLUETTI SP200 (200W) solar panel to recharge the power station.
Multi Outputs
2 x 110V AC outlets for most household appliances under 1000W such as blenders, TV, household dryer, and laptops. 1 x regulated DC 12V for car devices like mini-fridge, and car vacuum cleaners. 1 x 45W Type-C for USB-C devices such as Laptop MacBook/MacBook Pro and PD Type-C Phones. 4 x 5V 3A (Max) USB ports for phones, tablets, cameras, fans, light, and more.
Solar/AC/Car Recharge
This power station can be recharged from the sun with solar panels (open circuit voltage must be 16V-68V(Max), Max 500W, the solar panel not included). It also can be fully charged in about 10 hours by being plugged into the wall outlet. Note: for the car recharge, you need to buy a power inverter (≥300W) yourself.