Creality K1 3D Printers Tomtop Coupon Promo Code (DE warehouse)

€ 398.00

Get Latest Tomtop Coupon Code For Creality K1 3D Printers (DE warehouse)

The discount is valid for Creality K1 3D Printers. If you use this promo code, you can buy it for only € 387.This Coupon is valid till 11/30/2023

Key Features:
♦ K1 High Speed 3D Printer: 12X Faster, Defy Limitations K1 reaches 600mm/s* in only 0.03s based on 20000mm/s² acceleration. It can be as productive as several 3D printers together. Combine with the nimble Core XY with a 190g lightweight printhead, agile and swift. What’s more, dual-gear direct extruder surrounded by upgraded ceramic heater which can heats to 200℃ in 40s and melts the filament instantly, providing 32mm³/s high flow and working with flying colors in up to 300℃.
♦ Reliable 0.1mm Printing detail: Experience the incredible 0.1mm Smooth detail with accurate Z-axis positioning. A G-sensor in the printhead measures and mitigates the resonance frequencies of high-speed printing. No more ghosting or ringing on the print. The aluminum alloy frame with unibody die-cast parts ensures steady printing at high speed, and the print quality is excellent the whole time
♦ User-friendly Platform & UI: Support one key to Auto Leveling. Equipped with Flexible Build Plate that works with various a wide range of filaments. Aluminum alloy heatbed can reach 60℃ uniformly in only 180s. Just give a tap, and K1 will self-test the extruder, heatbed, camera (optional), fan, leveling, etc. Any abnormality detected will prompt on the display.