HiBoy Titan Pro Electric Scooter Gshopper Coupon Promo Code (PL Warehouse)

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Key Features:
Foldable design: With the aluminum alloy metal frame, and the folding installation speed is fast, it is convenient to carry and can be easily put in the trunk of the car. Good comfort makes riding more comfortable and stable.

High quality lithium battery: Use 48V 17.5Ah energy-saving lithium battery, battery life is longer. It can be charged at home or in the office and can be fully charged in 7-9 hours. Excellent battery life is not afraid of high load and durability. It can travel 60 to 65 km after charging, which is enough to commute to work or play for a day.

Dual 1200W motors: The powerful 1200W*2 motors provide the best performance, adapting to more bumps, no pressure 30 ┬░climb. The speed can reach 51.2km/h per hour, allowing you to reach your destination faster.