HOCO EW13 TWS Earphone Aliexpress Coupon Promo Code

USD 19.90

Get Latest Aliexpress Coupon Code For HOCO EW13 TWS Bluetooth 5.1 Earphone Touch Control Gaming Earbuds with Microphone 60ms Low Latency ENC Noise Canceling Earphones

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Key Features:
1, Bluetooth 5.1, chip: JL AC6976D8
2. Battery capacity: charging case 500mAh; headset 35mAh
3. Talk/music time: 4.5 hours; standby 180 hours
4. Size: 67*50*31mm; total weight: 47g
5. Support ENC call noise reduction; 60ms professional low-latency game mode with cool LED lights
6. Support leader-follower switching