JJRC Q121 H1 HURTLE 1/12 2.4G RC Car Banggood Coupon Promo Code


Get Latest Banggood Coupon Code For JJRC Q121 H1 HURTLE 1/12 2.4G 4WD Crawler RC Car Vehicle Models Full Porprotional Control
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Key Features:
1. The frame adopts alloy girder steel structure, metal protective sheet, metal heat sink, and all-metal bearings.
2. The bottom components, power parts, frame, and protective frame are all made of engineering nylon materials, and the gears are made of high-strength fiber-reinforced nylon, which is more wear-resistant and impact-resistant.
3. The body steering structure, rocker arm, and suspension structure are all made of engineering nylon material, which is more shock-proof and drop-resistant.
4. The tire is made of rubber material, which is more wear-resistant and has stronger grip.
5.2.4GHz high-frequency signal is stronger, 100 meters remote control, better control performance, multi-player competition, without interfering with each other.
6. Four-wheel drive with large angle and large torque, independent suspension, alloy shock absorbers, simulated rubber tires with stronger wear resistance, and stronger grip when climbing.
7. High torque drives 370 strong magnetic motors to provide surging power.
8. Adopt full proportional steering and adjustable servo steering system.
9. The front and rear LED high-definition turn signals are used, and the remote control steering and LED lights synchronously display the left and right turns, and the back double flashes.
10. It adopts the power type 7.4V lithium battery with environmental protection belt protection board, and the use time can reach 30 minutes.
11. Waterproof level: IPX4 level.