Rogbid Brave 4G 5ATM Diving Smart Watch Gearbest Coupon Promo Code


Get Latest Gearbest Coupon Code For Rogbid Brave 4G 5ATM Diving Smart Watch Phone Ceramic Bezel 8MP Dual Camera Wi-Fi Hotspot 3G + 32G GPS Glonass 3560mAh Battery – Black

The discount is valid for Rogbid Brave 4G 5ATM Diving Smart Watch. If you use this promo code, you can buy it for only $179.This Coupon is valid till September 30, 2020
Key Features:
5ATM waterproof
Measured in a diving laboratory above 30 meters, you can also wear it for swimming or snorkeling, which can withstand splashes, sweats, rain or snow.
3560mAh large battery
1360mAh + 2200mAh charging compartment, magnetic absorption cable + portable power bank. Long battery life, convenient for battery life on different occasions.
Support wifi hotspot release
The first to support the operation of the watch wifi hotspot, the watch can open a hotspot for other devices to connect and use, without fear of disconnection!
Dual 8MP camera
Solve the problem of unclear and inconvenient video call pixels, support video calls using third-party applications, and also use Face ID to unlock to better protect your privacy.
4G LTE and GPS
The industry’s first high-performance antenna LDS (4G-LTE TDDLTE+FDDLTE) with improved dial antenna, full dial antenna 4G Bluetooth Bluetooth signal is strong and stable, no need to worry about the weak signal when traveling around the world.
1.69 inch screen
Driven by the IPS screen, it can provide high-quality colors and detailed graphics, with faster response time and refresh rate, and improved color accuracy.
Built-in 4G chip, 3GB RAM + 32GB ROM large-capacity body memory, support many downloads, protect smooth operation.
9 sports modes
Basketball, cycling, indoor running, outdoor running, brisk walking, skipping rope, badminton, table tennis, football.
Heart rate monitor
Every time you click to monitor, please record your heart rate to better understand your physical condition through historical records.
Precise navigation
The precise GPS and route display on the large screen make traveling more convenient.
Custom dial
Users can choose custom dial settings from default settings, photos, and favorite pictures, or download online.