The Best Fitness Trackers In 2019:Top 10 Smartband Watches

Top 10 best fitness tracker Watches

The fitness tracker is an awesome invention to track your daily health activities. Almost without any effort, you can track your heart rate, pulse, workout in a second by using a fitness tracker. I think everyone knows what fitness tracker does. The device which gonna measures your every footstep, workout, heart bit etc. So, the point is which one you should buy? Because there are lots of brands with lots of feature available in the market right now. I must say, they all are an awesome device. But I know you want to pick the best. That is my concern right now.

Here I am to present to you the 10 best fitness tracker of 2019 which you can use to track your fitness daily. But let me remind you this will be the top ten when I am writing this article. Who knows there may be another best one coming in the future. If I get anything better than this list I will update my post and include that Item here. So, without furthermore introduction let’s get started. I will count the best trackers 10 to number 1.

10. Alfawise MC50C bracelet with a 1080p camera

Alfawise MC50C bracelet with a 1080p camera smartband review

In the very beginning of this list, I put an awesome Xiaomi product. Xiaomi brand is well known for their best features in a low price range. They already covered the whole world in a remarkable amount. So, you can expect something good from them.
Special Features:
●It has a .45 inch display.
● It just 32 gram in weight so you can imagine how lightweight is this.
●Also 150mAh battery capable of taking 60 minutes of video recording.
●Of course, tracking your sports activities, pulse and others.
●A camera capable of taking 1920 x 1080p video.
●4.0 version Bluetooth to connect with a smartphone.
●It can work in 20 degrees Celsius to 60 degrees Celsius.
●Eye-catching attractive bracelet design
●Lightweight and appropriate to use
●The camera acts like a hidden camera
●High-quality video recording is accessible
●Reasonable price
●Ecological material used
●As many of the smartwatch features measuring heart rate, but there is no feature in this model.
●Battery Durability could have been more better
●Does not contain scratch or water resistant properties

In the past, a fitness tracker band was able to control your smartphone camera. But in this Alfawise bracelet! It has a camera on it! This is really smart and innovative move from xiaomi. 150mAh battery can keep this bracelet alive in standby mode for 20 days. Also, it will work for 6/7 days to track your activities. This bracelet can connect with 4.3 android version or any later available version. Also with IOS 8.0 or later version. So connecting with your smartphone will be so easy. And till now I am getting very good reviews from all users. So, the end of the day I can say that this is one of the best fitness trackers which currently available in the market.

9. Zeblaze Plug C

Zeblaze Plug C best cheap smartband review

Zeblaze is well known for their best build quality. It feels exceptional and comfortable on your hand. For many reason I keep it to the list. Here is some mention about its features.

Special Features:
● Continuous Heart Rate  checking algorithm
●All day track your fitness.
● Of course, call, message and calendar alerts.
●Direct USB charging.
●Comes with WearFit 2.0
●It also comes with multi-sensors like heart, proximity and accelerometer sensor.
●Water and dust resistant to protect from any kind of weather condition.

Package Includes:
●Smart Wristband
●User Manual

● Always-on color display
●Stylish design
Although the device is great with features and design it has not enough battery power like others. So, you can expect fewer days running on this device.
If you are looking for long battery life then you should ignore this bracelet. And if you want something stylish then this should be for you. I hope you will find its importance on your own.

8. Makibes HR3

Another awesome fitness tracker device comes from MAKIBES. The model number is HR3. This is also the same as the others. But it has something more than previous bracelets. It has wrist gesture, stopwatch, and auto sleep tracking. So, with features, this is a clear win from the previous two devices I have mentioned above.

Special Features:
●Like others, it has a continuous heart rate monitoring system.
●You can customize your clock face.
●By raising your wrist device will awake.
●Intelligent reminders like the call, SMS, calendar etc.
●IP 67 certified weatherproof.

●Water resistance will be the plus point for this clock.
●Also, raise wrist awake will be fun for you.
●Tons of features.
I am not saying the battery backup is worst but I can expect more. It just 7 days backup.With all of the exciting features and almost 1 inch TFT display, this one is currently one of the best selling product on market. It has everything that can blow your mind. I hope you will like it.

7. Lenovo HX03F

Lenovo HX03F Smart Watch top fitness tracker review

Ok, here comes a beast from a giant company. This is a Lenovo HX03F fitness tracker. With the best waterproof and stylish design, it is the best one in the market. It has the detachable straps, by pulling that off you will see USB plug for charging your device. Really innovative and stylish one from Lenovo.  Let’s take a look at its features.

Special Features:
● 0.96-inch color display.
●Dynamic Heart rate monitor
●Best waterproof ( IP 68 grade )
●All days activity tracker.
●Better interface.
●Stunning black color.


●Better battery life
●App control is great!
●Stylish design.


●The display is not that much great. It has a very low resolution.
●Sleep Tracking often fails.

Despite some problems, still, this is the top-notch fitness tracker in the market right now. It has better battery backup, better features, better design. So, if you can ignore the low-resolution display problem then you can buy this. Otherwise, ignore it there are more in this list for you.


AMAZFIT Cor Smart Watch best xiaomi fitness tracker review

With a low price range, this is an awesome one. It has not only stylish design but fills with tons of features. It has the latest technology GPS and other sensors. Huge battery backup and lightweight. Almost everything on this bracelet will blow your mind.   So let’s dig into its features.


●30 days backup which is the record-breaking backup for any fitness tracker.
●Multisport tracking system.
●Super lightweight.
●Latest technologies.
●IP 68 rating weatherproof


●First of all, this is extremely lightweight and look like apple watch.
●Band fits perfectly with all wrist sizes.
●Better fitness tracker at a reasonable price range.
●IP 68 rating
●And of course, it has 30 days long battery life in normal use.


●Because of the low price range, it has a lower resolution display.

The people who want long battery life with a decent performance they can go for it. This is the best one with battery backup. Also, it has the latest IP68 water resistance and other notification alert and monitoring sensors. So, I hope you will like it.

5. Garmin Vivofit 4

Garmin Vivofit 4 Smartband best fitness tracker

The 4th version of Gamin Vivofit has some awesome features. With the latest design and very comfort feeling on the wrist. It has much more battery than previous ones. Also, it added the color screen on it.  For low price fitness tracker, this could be your one.

Special Features:

●Better app control.
●Comes with two different sizes.
●Also different color variation.
●Better display with customizable facilities.

●Best Battery life, you will almost forget about charging.
●Awesome looking color screen.
●Low price tracker.


●Interface a bit difficult.
●No GPS or heart rate checker.

So, if you are looking for something which can track your daily basic activity then go for it. It has no extra features. Just simple daily activities tracker with better battery life. But if you want something more then check out others.

4. Fitbit Charge 3

fitbit charge 3 ranking

In the market of fitness tracker. Fitbit is an icon. You will find lots of items from Fitbit in the market. But among all of their devices, Fitbit Charge 3 is the most advanced and best device. With tons of features it will be the best option for you. It can track your heart rate, daily activities, sleep and more. So let’s know about its features.

Special Features:
●It has 30 percent bigger touchscreen display than the previous charge 2 models from this company.
●With regular use, it can provide 7 days of battery life.
●Better app interface.
●Water resistance


●Decent battery backup.
●Touchscreen Display.
●Real-time heart rate monitor.
●It can analyze your sleep.

●It uses GPS from the smartphone, it has no GPS system on it.
●Sometimes it shows inaccurate data.
●I must say, this is a better one. Despite having some accuracy problem it has everything that you can expect from a fitness tracker. You can go for it.

3. Samsung Gear Fit2 Pro


Samsung Gear Fit2 Pro Smartband best fitness tracker in this year

Samsung gear fit 2 pro is just a bit improvement of its earlier version Samsung gear fit 2. It has almost the same services. Except you can listen Spotify offline and you can swim by wearing it on your wrist.  That doesn’t mean this is not worthy. I am just comparing with the previous version of its own. Let’s check the features.

Special Features:

●It has 1.5 inches curved super AMOLED display which use for their smartphone and we all know how good are they.
●Comes with two different sizes.
●Works perfectly with Android and iOS.
●Water resistance up to 50 meters underwater.
●Spotify offline music.

●User-friendly easy interface.
●You can take this device 50 meters underwater.
●You can stream Spotify and also can keep up to 500 songs on it.

●You can’t listen to apple music on it.
●Also a bit bulkier for the smaller wrist.
This is not the bad one, not the good one also. In my perception, this is one of the best one. With some incredible features, you can buy it for regular uses to check your daily activities and more.

2. Honor Band 4

Honor Band 4 review


The Honor Band 4 is a fitness tracker from the company Huawei. Like Xiaomi they are also known for their best devices with low price cost. And this is the closest competitor of the Xiaomi Mi Band 3 which current top fitness tracker in the market. And when it comes to the accuracy this is the best one you can choose for your own. It can track your activity more precisely and accurately. Also A slightest low price than Mi band 3

Special Features:

●It has built-in GPS system.
●Also the heart rate monitoring system.
●6 Axis motion sensor.
●It can run up to 14 days with a single full charge.
●It has a multi-sport tracking system.
●And, a touchscreen display.

●One of the best Screen.
●Low price according to its features.
●Solid tracking with the best accuracy.

●Bad notification handling.

If you want something to track your activities precisely then go for it. Also, this is the alternative option for Mi band 3 if you want the at service with low price.

1.  Xiaomi Mi Band 3

As I said at the beginning of the post, Xiaomi provides better devices at a low price. This is their best one. Not only the best one from this company also the best one currently in the market. It provides everything we can expect from a fitness tracking device. Better display, better accuracy water resistance and more.

Special Features:
●You can replace straps.
●OLED display for the better viewing experience.
●Of course, water resistant.
●Heart rate monitor.
●Compatible with iOS and Android.

●Low price with best features.
●Best design
●Water resistant
●It has no GPS on it.
●In daylight condition, screen visibility is very poor.

Since this is the best one in the market according to its offering features and price you can think about it.

I know nothing is perfect in this tech world. Because of every day there something new. When there comes something new we start neglecting old one. All the same condition in the fitness tracker device. Every company coming with new feature and better design. We hope we will get some interesting one in future which will just a 1-inch transparent screen with all possible features.
So, that was all about 10 best fitness trackers in 2019. I hope you will find your desired one on this list. According to your own requirement, you can choose one from this list I hope it will provide you satisfaction.


Hi, this is Junayed. I always had a huge enthusiasm to learn about Smartphones and other Gadgets since my early childhood. Now, I am regularly making reviews on Smartphones and various other Electronic Gadgets and my work is entirely driven by passion.

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