Top 5 Best Budget Powerbanks For Smartphones avilable in 2019

Best Budget Portable Power banks For Smartphones in 2018

So far so good, they are among the best portable Power Banks for Smartphones in 2018.  The reason why we have enlisted them here is that they have been at their best to serve your needs.All these Power Banks are able to charge your Smartphones at a desirable pace. Needless to worry that all your mobile devices may be charged away from the outlet.  These power banks are themselves sufficient to power up a good number of devices irrespective of wherever you may be-be it at homes or on the bus.Here, we have weighed up several technical factors to rate them in order of suitable rankings. Our current rating will help you buy the right kind of power bank to serve your purpose.

5.Xiaomi Mi Power Bank 5000

Xiaomi Mi Power Bank 5000


Xiaomi Mi Power Bank 5000 – It is actually one of the most popular portable power banks from the brand of Xiaomi.  The reason for its popularity is plenty- the bright and stylish in term of outer looks, small pocket-sized- that’s only about  9.9mm thick- can be easily carried and could be placed inside of your pocket or backpack. The battery capacity is about 5000 mah but it does hide some solid supply of surplus energy.The manufacturers have provided a built-in effective system, guarding device against overheating, power surge, overload, and quick discharge. It can charge the iPhone 5s to a FULL for about 2.2 times at a stretch and the bank takes about 2.5 to 3 hours to get itself fully charged. The bank weighs about 150 grams only.

4.KMASHI 10000mAh


It has a Dual USB Port 3 hub- a 1A Output and a 2A Input fast charging technology are embedded in the system. The battery capacity is  10000mAh -quite high capacity of a battery that features 2 USB ports within a budget-friendly price. It can charge iPhone 6s to a FULL 3.6 times and it itself get fully charged in about 7 hours. It weighs 277 gram to be precise and is available in colors: Black and a Black/Red combination.


3.ROMOSS Sense 4 Plus LCD 10400mAh

ROMOSS Sense 4 Plus LCD 10400mAh review


Do you want to buy a budget power booster that has 10000mah battery capacity with two USB port for charging 2 devices at the same time? Yes, here it is. ROMOSS Sense 4 Plus LCD 10400mAh is one of the best budget-friendly Power Banks. It also has LCD screen for showing the percentage of the remaining charges.It can charge iPhone 6 for about 4.5 times and it will be charged fully in about 6.5 hours. It has 2.1 A input and will run for about  13.5 hours with a merely 1A input. It weighs about 285 grams.

2.Anker PowerCore 13000 mAh


Anker is here that adds to the variation but the difference is made by the 13000 mAh capacity of the battery. However, this is enough for charging your Samsung Galaxy S6 for about 4.1 times to completion. It takes around 6 hours to get itself fully charged. The device received 2 USB-outputs for 2.4 A. It weighs only 300 grams, so it’s almost easy to carry elsewhere.


1.Xiaomi Ultra-thin 10000mAh Mobile Power Bank 2


On the top of the ladder, we have placed our hero that is Xiaomi Power Bank 2.  Its battery capacity is marked as 10000mAh.The device is equipped with a lithium polymer battery and supports a quick charging function that is  Qualcomm Quick Charge 2.0. It has a maximum current flow of 2.4 A. To provide the FULL energy reserves, this battery will take about 4 hours of charging time. Xiaomi Mi Power Bank 2 is entirely made of metal and this gives you a nice cool feel in the hand. It weighs about 228 grams only. You can easily carry it anywhere.



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