Best TalkBand 2019 – Top Rated 2 in 1 Smartband for iPhone & Android

First, we’ve got Bluetooth earbuds which are enough smart right now. And we’ve got fitness tracker, smartwatch. These gadgets are smartest and coolest gadgets which we use in our daily life. Also, these are part of our fashion. But what If we get everything in a single device. Yes, that’s right. That’s what I am talking about. In this third world, we have received tonnes of gadgets. If I am not wrong, this is one of the smartest ones we’ve got. Smart talk is a futuristic device which will rule in the next few years. And, I know you are also tech enthusiast like me. That’s why you are here to know about the best smart Talk Band of 2019. So, you know that lots of devices already came to the market right now. Every single gadget is very interesting and smart enough. But we always want the best one. According to the current year, I will provide you information about the 5 best smart TalkBand of 2019. This top chart will be based on gadgets features, quality, and buyers reaction. So, without further tiktok let’s start. Oh, let me remind you I will count down number five to number one.

5.JAKCOM B3 Smart Band

Jakcom Smart Band B3 review

Ok, let’s start our list with JAKCOM B3 Smart TalkBand. The main purpose of a Smart TalkBand successfully completed with this gadget. You can talk, you can monitor your heart rate, you can track your sports activity and also you can use it as a watch. What else you need? It has a better design which fits perfectly on the wrist. Also, the design and control keys are well made. Also, I can’t ignore the price; in this price range, this is a worthy device. When you are getting too much from a single device why not to get interested in it? This is my number five pick on this top 5 smart TalkBand list. So, let’s talk about key features and specifications.

Key Features:
●Time and date display.
●Phone call facility
●Heart rate monitor.
●Sports activity tracker.

●It has an HD OLED display.
●It has the latest Bluetooth device which you can use to connect with any phone.
●You can listen to music through this bracelet.
●Also, it has a photoelectric heart monitor sensor.
●You can receive the call.
●It also shows notification from the phone.
●Also, it has alarm features.

●The OLED display is one of the best one in the market.
●Get phone connected whatever Android or iOS.
●Monitor your daily sports activities.
●Not good battery backup.
●It has no touch screen feature.

A device which is capable of doing multiple activities and also comes at a very low price should be a worthy one. In my point of view, it may need more to work. I mean the company should upgrade its features. But when you are thinking about price then this is must be your number one choice. So, this is on our number five list. Which is good for saving money.


GOLDEN SPIKE Smart B3 talkband

Here is another TalkBand which is one of the top notches in the market. It’s a bit overpriced than the previous one but not unworthy. The Stylish design and black color Band looks really good on your hand. This Band comes with universal size. Also, it has everything as a previous one. But better talk time and smooth one. Also, it has personal chargin seat where it can be charged. As usual, you can answer the phone call, check messages and other notifications. So let’s take a look on key features.

Key features:
●Heart rate monitoring support.
●Dual chipset, Dual Bluetooth.
●Better battery time.
●The phone call and notification respond.
●15 days standby backup time.

●It has NORDIC nRF52832 chipset for the Bracelet and CSR8610 chipset for Headphone.
●4.0 version Bluetooth on Bracelet and 3.0 version on Headset.
●It has a 0.96 Inch TFT color display.
●And, it has 64 KB RAM and 512KB ROM which can be extended to 16MB.
●It has 120 mAh polymer lithium battery which takes 1.5-2 hours to get a full charge and provide 15 days standby backup.
●It supports heart rate monitoring.
●Also, you can receive and reject calls and get notification from the various social app on your mobile.
●Of course, the device supports both on Android and iOS.

●Better battery Backup.
●Dual Bluetooth suppose to be good.
●Compatibility is good.
●And, the device is very stylish.

●The display is not that much great but still better than the previous one.
●I expected a better battery backup.

So that was in number four in my list of 5 best smart TalkBand. I’ve told earlier that this is a bit overpriced than the previous one. Now you got that why the price is more than the previous one. So, I think you can go for it without any hesitation. But still, if you want something else then wait for the next item.

3.AMYNIKEER y3 Plus smart TalkBand

AMYNIKEER y3 Plus smart TalkBand review

Smart Bracelets are that kind of gadget which is not only gadget but also part of fashion. So, you need something which is cool in looking better to wear. AMYNIKEER y3 plus smart Talkband is one of the coolest and best in the current market. It has every feature as a fitness tracker also it works as Bluetooth earbud. So you can talk with this gadget and get notification from different apps as you want. And, don’t forget it will monitor your heart rate too. Let’s go the features.

Key features:
●You can do a Phone call.
●Also, monitor your heart rate
●Track your daily sports activity.
●Play music.
●Touch Screen.


●It has a 0.96 inch Touch Screen display
●Display resolution is 80X160 pixels which are not bad for a smart bracelet.
●The battery can keep it alive with 96 hours of working time.
●Also can keep alive 20 days as standby.
●The battery power is 90 mAh.
●It takes 2 hours to get full charge.
●It has 4.1 version Bluetooth.
●Call duration is 4.5 hours.
●It supports well with any Android and iOS device.
●It supports universal language.

●Low price.
●Better feature.
●Great looking.

●Made with low-quality materials.
●The display is not that much good.

After researching a lot in the market I’ve found this is well potential among all others. I hope you find it too. If you are just curious about it then you can try it. Since it has a very low price you can easily spend your money on it. But not because if the low price you should buy it. The feature of this gadget is really awesome. I hope you will go for it.

2.Huawei TalkBand B3 Lite

In the smart TalkBand market, Huawei is one of the competitors of its own. Confused? Huawei has a different version of TalkBands. These all are the best. Here is the Huawei TalkBand B3 Lite which is low price than others. From the name lite, you may already get that with less features Huawei release this product for every consumer. Low price means not so much less than other Talkband which I discussed above but low price than other TalkBand from Huawei itself. That’s why I said, Huawei is its own competitor till now. Ok, let’s know about the device.

Key features:
●Very easy interface to control the device.
●0.91 Inch OLED display with 120×80 pixels resolution also protected by gorilla glass.
●4.2 version of Bluetooth which is enough fast.
●Call, notification and alarm control.
●6 hours of talk time.
●Sports activity tracker.

●0.91 inch OLED no touch display with curved gorilla glass and 120×80 pixel resolution.
●128KB RAM and 16 MB external flash card.
●Micro USB charging port.
●Maximum 3-4 days battery backup on regular uses.
●6 Hours of talk time.
●Turn on and of alarm
●Respond to phone calls and check missed calls.
●Also, it shows notifications of mobile apps.
●It supports on Android 4.4 and iOS 8 or later version.

●Better build quality and stylish display.
●The display is better and strong because of curved gorilla glass.
●Better Interface and compatibility.
●Fits well and comes in different color variation.

●It has no touch screen so little bit uneasy to access everything.
●Battery backup is not too much.

So, that is the lite version from Huawei. Which mostly for average customers. It has no touch screen display though. But you can easily control everything from buttons. And also the battery backup should be more. Overall all it is a premium device. According to the price range, it performs so well that you can easily spend your money on it. And Huawei is a well-known brand for gadgets so you can keep trust on it. They will never disappoint you.

1.Huawei TalkBand B5

Huawei Talkband B5 review

And, here comes the final one. The best of the best on this list. It has everything that you can expect from this kind of device. They’ve put too many features and also made it so well that you can’t unlike it. This is the latest smart TalkBand from Huawei. And well worthy device for 2019. It will pay every penny you spend on it. It has a larger touchscreen display of course with protection. And the latest Bluetooth connectivity. It has a microphone on the headset. Also, the device designed for fashion wear and get some coolest features. I think I am talking less about this device. I should introduce this device with more buildup. But unfortunately, I can’t. So without talking too much as buildup let’s know what in it.

Key features:
●Better and larger display.
●Work as a remote shutter for your mobile camera.
●Premium leather strap.
●Track your daily activity and monitor your heart rate.
●It monitors your periods of sleep.
●Respond on call, alarm, notifications etc.

●It has 1.13 inch AMOLED display with 300 x 160 pixels resolution.
●And, it has 108 mAh battery which can prove around 3 days backup.
●Also, the battery provides 6 hours of talk time.
●And, work as a phone finder.
●Can receive and reject calls.
●Also can check notification and set alarm.
●Track sleep and daily sports activity.
●It has a 2.4 GHz Bluetooth frequency.
●And, it has 512KB RAm and 1MB internal storage and 16MB external flash card support.
●The device is IP57 certified waterproof except for the leather strap.
●Micro USB port charging.
●It supports 4.4 Android and iOS 9 and above version.

●Better and larger display.
●Latest and stylish design.
●Better control and waterproof.

●In this price range, I expected better battery life.
●It is waterproof but not that best waterproof yet.
●With some minor cons, it is the best smart TalkBand in the market. If you are thinking about one without hesitating about money then this is for you. It will work as a Bluetooth headset and fitness tracker.
●From the point of performance if held up well. So, now the decision is yours.

That was the list of 5 best smart TalkBand of 2019. I hope you have found enough info about what you actually looking for. But the point is which one you will buy? That is totally up to you. It will depend on how much money you want to spend on a TalkBand. If you want something cheap then go for number five then according to price and features whatever you need you can choose from this list. And I can assure you one thing that is, this is the best five smart TalkBand of 2019 since I am writing. If I get any better device I will include that and update this list.


Hi, this is Junayed. I always had a huge enthusiasm to learn about Smartphones and other Gadgets since my early childhood. Now, I am regularly making reviews on Smartphones and various other Electronic Gadgets and my work is entirely driven by passion.

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