ANBERNIC RG ARC-D Retro Game Console 4500+ Games 128GB TF Card Geekbuying Coupon Promo Code


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Key Features:
Anbernic RG ARC Series Main Features
The Anbernic RG ARC-D and ARC-S handhelds are inspired by the Sega Saturn and Genesis controllers, perfectly suited for retro game emulation in certain contexts. The RG ARC-D comes with a touchscreen and can dual boot into both Android and Linux; while the more economical variant, the ARC-S can only boot into Linux and does not have a touchscreen. Similar to the former RG353 series, both the ARC models are powered by the Rockchip RG3566, meaning that users can play most Nintendo 64 Sega Saturn and Dreamcast games with a couple of tweaks here and there. On top of that, the pretty-rare 6-button design makes it the second-to-none choice when it comes to fighting games. The 4-inch 4×3 aspect ratio display is undoubtedly a huge plus for playing retro systems.
•Android 11 & Linux Dual OS (ARC-D only)
•4.0” HD IPS Screen
•2.4/5G WIFI, Bluetooth 4.2