ATOMSTACK AF3 Laser Engraver Cafago Coupon Promo Code

15 € off

Get Latest Cafago Coupon Code For €72.95 for ATOMSTACK AF3 Laser Engraver Protection Panel 460x425mm Working Area
The discount is valid for €72.95 for ATOMSTACK AF3 Laser Engraver Protection Panel 460x425mm Working Area. If you use this promo code, you can buy it for only 15 € off.This Coupon is valid 5/31/2023

Key Features:
Wide Application: Suitable for most of the laser engravers such as Atomstack, Ortur, NEJE, xtool. One F3 cutting panel can provide 460x425mm/18.1×16.7in large protection area.
One Piece Design: Made of 15pcs L type saw blades to form the protection panel which tightly connected to protect the desktop.
Better cutting effect: Conventional honeycomb panels will smoke out obvious honeycomb imprints after long-term laser engraving, which greatly affects the appearance of the work. However, AF3 protective plate can prevent this kind of problem.
No Oil Stain: Double-row sunken design for smoke exhaust, effectively prevent the backflow and accumulation of smoke,not easy to produce oil stains.
Unlimited extension design: Each F3 package will be attached with a connector, and 2 protection panels can be quickly assembled into one lengthened protection panel with a protective area of 460*850mm. It is perfectly suitable for all different brands of engraving machines using extension rods, and can also be put into professional CO2 engraving machines for cutting protection