Atomstack M4 Handheld Laser Marking Machine Geekbuying Coupon Promo Code [EU Warehouse]


Get Latest Geekbuying Coupon Code For Atomstack M4 Handheld Laser Marking Machine with Protective Cover, 1064nm Infrared Light Source, 0.02mm Compressed Spot, 12000mm/s Engraving Speed, One Key Repeat Engraving, 70*70mm

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Key Features:
2 in 1 Laser Marking Machine
Adopting a highly integrated design with lightweight components, the ATOMSTACK M4 allows you to use it both in desktop and handheld mode, for example marking on non-horizontal surfaces, walls, and facades.
20W Electric Power, 2W Optical Laser Power, 1064nm Infrared Wavelength
It features 20W whole machine electrical power and a 2W optical power with a pulse peak f 20000W. Unlike the blue light source, the 1064nm infrared wavelength is a cold light source, which is suitable for fast marking on all metals and ABS, and even if you accidentally touch the screen, you will not be burned, which can avoid personal injury.
Industrial Galvanometer Technology
Atomstack M4`s industrial-grade galvanometer technology effectively reflects light and allows for a higher speed (relative to gantry-mounted lasers), in addition to a more tuned-in laser frequency since the laser beam source is stationary.
Upgraded Compressed Spot Technology
The ultra-fine laser focus area is reduced to 0.02mm in diameter, and the minimum markable character is about 0.06 mm*0.15 mm (tested with focusing film).
Fine Engraving
0.01-0.02mm ultra-long and ultra-fine end-pumped infrared laser enable every engraving detail to be presented, perfectly presenting 4K-level high pixels.
Precise Positioning
Atomstack M4 adopts a dual-infrared light positioning design, which can accurately locate the marking position without offset.
One-key Repeat Engraving
The marking machine has a one-key repeat marking function, which can repeat the work with one click, without computer operation, and efficiently complete batch customization work.