ATOMSTACK Maker X30 Pro 33W Laser Cutter Geekbuying Coupon Promo Code [EU Warehouse]


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Key Features:
33W Laser Output Power: Atomstack X30 Pro is the world’s first 33W laser output power laser engraver, it has the latest 6*6W laser coupling technology (ultra-fine laser spot size is reduced to 0.08*0.1mm) that can cut 18-20 mm paulownia board and 10mm black acrylic board in one pass. The high-density laser can easily cut 25mm wood board and 30mm black acrylic board through multiple passes. It can also directly engrave on mirror stainless steel, ceramic, opaque glass, etc.
High Working Efficiency
Compared with a 10W laser engraving machine, X30 Pro has a 200% higher cutting speed and 150% higher cutting depth. Compared with a 20W laser engraving machine, X30 Pro has a 50% higher cutting speed and 25% higher cutting depth.
Upgraded F30 Pro Air Assist Kit
Equipped with F30 Pro, the cutting ability of the X30 Pro is greatly improved, and the cutting accuracy and quality are also greatly optimized.
Newly Updated 32-bit mainboard
Built-in 256-bit color levels make the engraving result finer and the contrast higher, so that your engraving will not just be black.
Upgraded Laser Module
The new X30 Pro laser module has a built-in tool-free focus module and a built-in air-assist system, without the interference of wires, simple and beautiful.
Offline Engraving Supported
You can perform engraving when there is no computer available.
Filter Panoramic Eye Protection
The panoramic-filtered glass cover filters 97% of UV light and protects your eyes well. The user and people around can watch laser engraving without goggles.
Easy to Install
The all-aluminum anodized structure design makes the machine strong and improves the engraving precision. The installation can be completed within 20-30 minutes.