Creality Ender-3 Max Neo Desktop 3D Printe Cafago Coupon Promo Code

€ 175.99

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Key Features:
Large Build Volume: The 300*300*320 mm build volume is spacious enough to print large-size models or some small parts simultaneously. Support filaments such as PLA/ABS/PETG/Wood.
Ultra-stability & Ultra-quiet: The dual Z-axes increase the stability. Good coordination with the timing belt and the dual motors creates a perfect condition for steady motion and quality printing. Equipped with 32-bit silent mainboard, which reducing the noise exposure to 50dB, enjoy printing and have fun!
Efficient Leveling: Powered by CR Touch, the print height between the nozzle and the build surface can be automatically measured and adjusted, making the leveling step easier.
Safety Priority&Easy Installation: The 350W built-in power supply is of high quality. It is more secure and reliable without exposure to parts or wires. Pre-installation enables the assembly to be completed within 3 steps, reducing the assembly difficulties.
More Functions: The 4.3-inch color knob screen has icons for better understanding; It will dim out automatically to save energy. Full-metal Bowden extruder is durable and has greater extrusion force. Assisted by gears, the filament is easy to load and withdraw.