Creality Ender-3 V3 SE 3D Printer Tomtop Coupon Promo Code (Eu warehouse)

€ 168.00

Get Latest Tomtop Coupon Code For Creality Ender-3 V3 SE 3D Printer 220*220*250mm Printing Size (Eu warehouse)

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Key Features:
Ender-3 V3 SE 3D Printer: Ender-3 V3 SE is compact, simple, and elegant. It combines neat X, Y, Z-axis, smooth T-shaped profiles, and low-key tensioners for a sleek look. Smaller to place around, but it still offers an ample build volume – 220*220*250mm.
“Sprite” Direct Extruder: The direct extrusion enables smooth feeding of various filaments, including PLA, PETG, and TPU. Design one tap to load the filament, and one tap to unload it. Handy for filament replacement.
Auto Levelling Printing Platform: Ender-3 V3 SE features a CR Touch sensor for auto levelingand a strain sensor for auto Z offset.Just lay back and enjoy the print success. And adpot PC Spring steel heat bed, fast to heat up and easy to take off the model.
Easy to Use: Compatible with Windows, Mac OS, Linux system, and Creality Print, Cura 5.0 or Newer Version, Simplify3D all these professional softwares can be design and edit your models.
High-Precision Printing: Y-axis Dual Linear Shafts which Made of strong and wear-proof steel, the linear shafts ensure a lasting, steady motion of the Y-axis. And Dual Z-axis synced by a quality timing belt, ensuring high print quality.
Resume Printing & Auto Filament Loading / Unloading: Featuring the function of detecting power interruption and resumption of printing, it is featured by continuing usability after power recovery.