CreatBot D600 Pro 2 3D Printer Geekbuying Coupon Promo Code (Eu warehouse)


Get Latest Geekbuying Coupon Code For CreatBot D600 Pro 2 3D Printer, Auto-Leveling, Camera Control, Auto-Rising Dual Extruders, 150mm/s Max Printing Speed, Removable Magnetic Platform, Air Filter, Single Extrusion Volume 600x600x600mm, Dual Extrusion Volume 540x600x600mm (Eu warehouse)

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Key Features:
D600 Pro 2 – Discover the leading professional large format 3D printer
The D600 Pro series has been proven to be the world’s most popular professional large-size 3D printer. Undergoing 6 years of market accumulation and verification, it has been continuously upgraded and improved based on user needs and feedback. So far, The Creatbot team has made approximately 30 improvements in product details, incorporating new technologies, and fixing issues. Make it a very stable professional large-size 3D printer, deeply preferred by small and medium-sized enterprises.
D600 Pro 2 is a brand new product based on D600 Pro that is now being released with more advanced design concepts and deep technical reserves. It has been professionally designed, has powerful performance, and features no shortcomings. Large print volume, faster speed, stronger material compatibility, simpler operating procedures, and more stable 7/24 operation. Undoubtedly, It will capture the needs of all professional 3D printer users within 600mm*3 size worldwide and will become your first choice without considering other products.
Auto-Rising Dual Extruders
Equipped with a new smart auto-rising dual-extruders kit with a hot-end temperature of up to 420 Celsius, CreatBot D600 Pro 2 3D printer is able to print engineering-grade materials like PLA, ABS, PC, UltraPA, carbon fiber, glass fiber, etc.