Eleglide Tankroll 26 Inch Fat Tire Electric Bike Geekmaxi Coupon Promo Code

€ 1,049.00

Get Latest Geekmaxi Coupon Code For Eleglide Tankroll 26 Inch Fat Tire Electric Bike For Various Terrains 48V 10Ah Battery With 57Nm Torque
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Key Features:
Strong Power & Long Range
Eleglide Tankroll comprises a 750W max instant power with 57Nm torque that provides you with strong power and enables a maximum speed of 25km/h. With a replaceable 480Wh lithium-ion battery, it can run up to 65-70km(40.4-43.5mi) in assist mode, ideal for long rides.
26″ CST Tires
With a 26in diameter and a 4in width, the pneumatic fat tires are able to absorb the unevenness of terrain and roll smoothly over diverse terrain. With Tankroll, you can travel to more places.
7 Speed Shimano Gear
The electric moped fat bike comes with a professional Shimano derailleur with 7 gears in the rear. With the help of the derailleur, you can enjoy a faster and easier ride.
Intelligent Display
Eleglide Tankroll has an intelligent LCD display that shows you various information, such as speed and battery level. It allows you to activate multiple functions by simple operations on the display, making your ride smarter and easier.
5 Assist Levels & 6km/h Push Mode
In assist mode, you can switch among 5 pedal assist levels, including 12, 16, 20, 23 and 25 km/h. With 6km/h push mode, you can walk the bicycle easily and effortlessly.
Dual Brake Discs & Hydraulic Suspension
Eleglide Tankroll features dual brake discs and an auto power-off function, enabling the bike to brake quickly and smoothly. The upgraded suspension comes with a lockout that allows you to lock it on flat roads for a fast ride and unlock it in bumpy terrain for a comfortable ride.
Please follow the local regulations about the installation and use of throttle control. If the throttle control is not allowed to use according to the local regulations, please don’t install it. You’ll be responsible for your personal use of the throttle control.