eMeet Luna Lite Portable Computer Speaker Geekbuying Coupon Promo Code


Get Latest Geekbuying Coupon Code For eMeet Luna Lite Portable Computer Speaker VoiceIA Noise Reduction Mode, USB, Bluetooth, AUX Connection

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Key Features:
Updated AI Noise Reduction Algorithm
The eMeet Luna Lite Bluetooth speaker adopts a smarter VoiceIA algorithm and has an exclusive updated VoiceIA noise reduction mode to create a better noise reduction experience. Eliminate background noises like air conditioner noise, keyboard clicks, and chair pulling, and the Luna Lite Bluetooth Speaker with Microphone picks up the sound more clearly.
Up to 12 Attendees
Use eMeet’s special cable to connect the 2 Luna to expand the effective meeting space. The cascading capability makes Luna even more flexible and can be easily adapted from small meetings (under 8 people) to medium and large meetings (up to 12 or more participants).
360° Microphone and Enhanced Speaker
The eMeet Luna Lite Bluetooth speaker features multiple built-in AI microphones to pick up speech anywhere in your workspace. The Luna Lite USB speakerphone provides high-quality audio performance that makes your conference calls feel more like face-to-face conversations. The Luna Lite speaker with microphone has an auto-increase vocal function that recognizes the distance of the sound and automatically adjusts the volume, giving you a smooth and clear call experience.
Easy Setup and General Compatibility
The eMeet Luna Lite computer speaker with microphone is compatible with many devices and operating systems such as Win or Mac OS. No drivers to install, Luna Lite is plug and play! eMeet Luna Lite conference speakers can be connected via USB, Bluetooth or AUX. eMeet Luna Lite Bluetooth Speaker with Microphone is also compatible with common calling software such as Zoom, Skype for Business, WebEx, etc.