ENGWE T14 14 Inch Tire Foldable Electric Bicycle Geekmaxi Coupon Promo Code


Get Latest Geekmaxi Coupon Code For ENGWE T14 14 Inch Tire Foldable Electric Bicycle – 350W Brushless Motor & 48V 10Ah Batt
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Key Features:
350W High-speed Brushless Motor
An electric motor with a nominal power is located in the rear wheel 350W, while in the maximum load the power reaches up to 680W. The maximum speed is 25 km/h, the maximum pitch angle declared by the manufacturer is 10 °.
48V 10Ah Battery
As far as one charge is concerned, the Engwe T14 e-bike has it 10Ah battery (48 V / 480 Wh), thanks to which you can switch to a purely electric drive on a single charge 35 kilometers and in combined mode the range is approx 80 kilometers.
Comfortable and Safe
ENGWE T14 Electric Bicycle has a full aluminum alloy body structure. The front fork arm is made of high-strength carbon steel for comfortable shock absorption. The high-performance 14-inch pneumatic tires can provide smooth and stable driving even on uneven roads. The maximum load of the body is about (100KG).
Foldable and Portable
ENGWE T14 Electric Bicycle meets the needs of modern people for work, entertainment and leisure in terms of appearance design, cruising range, and power. The electric bicycle can be folded, can be stored conveniently, can save space, and can make your travel faster and safer.