EraClean VS01 14L Pet Smart Vacuum Storage Container Geekbuying Coupon Promo Code


Get Latest Geekbuying Coupon Code For EraClean VS01 14L Pet Smart Vacuum Storage Container Moldproof Moisture-proof Grain for Dog Cat – White

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Key Features:
One Button Vacuum
Intelligent Hall magnetic control switch, vacuum lock fresh, effectively inhibit bacterial growth. In the vacuum state, it can inhibit harmful bacteria and effectively prolong the storage period of food.
Intelligent Constant Pressure Technology
Intelligent constant pressure technology to ensure a vacuum environment. When the pressure value is too low, the air pump will be automatically started to keep the pressure value constant, and the long-term preservation effect will be achieved.
Strong Sealing Technology
The partial pressure of oxygen in the vacuum environment is low, which effectively inhibits the reproduction of microorganisms, prevents the food from spoiling, and always maintains the best taste.
14L Large Capacity
Easily store bagged rice, and store food with peace of mind without fear of spoilage. It can store 15-20 kilograms of staple food, and there are slight differences due to different particle