Flashforge Adventurer 3 Pro 3D Printer Geekbuying Coupon Promo Code (Eu warehouse)


Get Latest Geekbuying Coupon Code For Flashforge Adventurer 3 Pro 3D Printer, Auto Leveling, Removable Nozzle, Filament Detection, Camera Monitor, Glass Build Plate, Ultra-Mute, Cloud Printing, 150*150*150mm (Eu warehouse)

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Key Features:
Adventurer 3 Pro is a high-match version of Adventurer 3, it has advanced 3d printing with 240 Celsius & 265 Celsius nozzles, filament detection, camera monitor, and glass build platform. Adventurer 3 Pro is configured with the second generation of upgraded Wi-Fi and supports 3D cloud printing and remote management. It supports PLA, ABS, PC, PETG, and other materials printing. It is an intelligent 3D printer to meet home, office, and school printing needs.
Out of the Box
No need for assembly, it is a fully pre-assembled desktop 3d printer, unbox to print 3d models.
Detachable Nozzle & Fast Heating
Adventurer 3 Pro 3D printer is equipped with a 240 Celsius nozzle, including a 265 Celsius nozzle as spare parts. The nozzle can be heated to 200 Celsius (392 Fahrenheit) within 60 seconds. The detachable design lets you remove the nozzle from the extruder in one push.
Carbon Silicon Crystal Glass Build Plate
The glass build plate ensures better flatness than a flexible build plate, greatly minimal warping issues