FOSSiBOT SP200 18V 200W Foldable Solar Panel Geekbuying Coupon Promo Code [EU Warehouse]


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Key Features:
Peak Power: 200W (50Wx4)
Tolerance: ±10%
Cell Type: Mono Cell (166x166mm)
Conversion Efficiency: 23.4%
Vmp: 18V
Imp: 11.1A
Voc: 21.6V
Isc: 13.3A
Output Port: MC4
Working Temperature: -10 – 65 Celsius
Storage Ambient Temperature: -10 – 65 Celsius
Total Transmittance: 97%
Moisture Permeability: 40Celsius/90%RH g/M2.Day
Water Absorption Rate: 2.5%(24H)
Test Standard Conditions: Am1.5 25 Celsius 1000W/m2