GamaKay K61 Mechanical Keyboard 61 Keys Banggood Coupon Promo Code


Get Latest Banggood Coupon Code For GamaKay K61 Mechanical Keyboard 61 Keys 60 Keyboard Hot Swappable Type-C 3.1 Wired USB Translucent Glass Base Gateron Switch ABS Two-color Keycap NKRO RGB Gaming Keyboard
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Key Features:
1. Full translucent glazed panel, PMMA plexiglass material, CNC cutting
2. Toning disc settings, 6 themed lighting effects, 16 million colors adjustable
3. Fantasy light effect, RGB lighting effect can be adjusted up and down
4. 32k ROM storage space, can remember the last light effect setting
5. Software macro definition, can set any character order
6. Support full key without impact, NKRO
7. The keyboard is ergonomically designed
8. Full keyboard is hot swappable, plug and change, switch DIY
9. 5000w Gateron black / red / brown / blue / yellow switch is available
10. FN multimedia compliance function and equivalent control
11. Detachable cable, plug and play, and the 1.8m wire is not limited in distance
12. Using type-C USB 3.1 interface, the transmission rate can reach 40gbp / s
13. Arm33bit MCU chip is used for main control
14. Voltage:5V ≤ 350mA