GPD G1 Graphics Card Expansion Dock Geekbuying Coupon Promo Code


Get Latest Geekbuying Coupon Code For GPD G1 Graphics Card Expansion Dock

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Key Features:
1. The unique Oculink interface of GPD G1 provides an effective bandwidth of 63Gbps, allowing for discrete graphics expansion for GPD products including the WIN Max 2 2023, providing users with the best gaming and office experience.
2. The GPD G1 also supports connecting to any device that supports Thunderbolt 3/4 or USB4 through its USB4 interface. With this connection, the G1 can not only connect to three displays but also activate the USB A and SD card reader, expanding the range of peripherals and improving the gaming experience.
3. The GPD G1 has a built-in ultra-compact gallium nitride PC power supply with PFC + LLC architecture, operates with zero noise, and provides 240W power supply design with a full load efficiency of up to 94%, fully meeting the power supply needs of the graphics card and external device interfaces.