ILIFE A80 Max Robot Vacuum Cleaner Geekbuying Coupon Promo Code [US Warehouse]


Get Latest Geekbuying Coupon Code For ILIFE A80 Max Robot Vacuum Cleaner, Auto Carpet Boost, 2000Pa Suction 2400mAh Battery Gyroscopic Navigation APP Control – Black

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Key Features:
Main Material: IML
Filtration System: High-efficiency filter (honeycomb dust box)
Host Rated Voltage: 14.4V
Host Rated Power: 22W
Dust Tank Capacity/Material: 0.45L/ABS
Water Tank Capacity (L)/Material: With water tank function, no water tank accessories, 0.3/ABS (air pump intelligent control water tank)
Water Volume Adjustment (1st gear 120, 2nd gear 100, 3rd gears 80, plus or minus 20 minutes): 1st, 2nd, 3rd gears
Rag Area: 260 square centimeters
Suction Strength: Conventional ≥ 800Pa; Carpet pressurization ≥ 1100Pa; Max ≥ 1500Pa; Emphasis ≥ 2000Pa
Detection System: OBS all terrain detection system
Button Type: mechanical buttons
Battery Capacity: 2400mAh
Charging Time (min): <300 Working Time (min): ≥80 Working Volume: conventional <65dB, Max <70dB Charging Type: Manual/Auto Working Mode: (Division) Bow, Random, Fixed, Edge, Max, Recharge, Reservation Carpet Pressurization: Yes Inverter Cleaning (Max): Yes Automatic Escape Function: Yes Navigation/Planning Functions: Gyroscopic planning Automatic Obstacle Avoidance Function: Yes Cliff Detection: Yes Scheduled Appointment Function: Yes Roller Brush / Suction Port: Roller Brush (floating) OBS Obstacle Avoidance Sensor (group): 7 Cliff Detection Sensor(group): 3 Sensors Along the Wall (units): 1 (left along the wall) Recharge Sensor: 6pcs Universal Wheel Sensor (group): 1 Travel Speed: 15m/min Remote Control Range: more than 4 meters Gradeability (Slope Angle): 15 degrees Obstacle Crossing Ability: ≤15mm Applicable Ground (do not bring mop and water tank to work on carpet): Floor tiles, wood floors, carpets Power Adapter Input Voltage (AC): AC 100-240V (50/60Hz) Power Adapter Output Voltage/Current (DC): DC 19V/0.6A Rated Output Voltage/Current (DC) of Charging Stand: DC 19V/0.6A ILIFE APP (Alibaba Cloud Server): Yes, ILIFEHOME Remote Control (up, left and right): Yes Real-time Drawing: fill grid Alexa Voice Control: Yes