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Key Features:
Advanced brushless 250W motor
The battery vacuum cleaner with digital motor in 250W can be adjusted in two levels, standard (15000 Pa) and max (25000 Pa), completely sufficient for deep cleaning throughout the house. Thanks to the large dust container in 1.2 litres, you do not always need to empty the rubbish. Absorbs everything away, everything stays easily in the dust box.
10 combinations
A flexible hose, a retractable metal tube, a long gap, a 2-in-1 brush, a motorised brush and a mini motorised brush. Ample with accessories, easy as a handheld vacuum cleaner or handle vacuum cleaner, perfect for wooden floors, carpets, stairs, curtains, cars and furniture. All types of dirt is easily removed from floor to ceiling.
6-stage and fully sealed filtration system
With double cyclone, double high-performance filters and patented airflow design, the vacuum cleaner with battery absorbs 99.99% of microscopic dust, leaving fresh air. No secondary pollution. The inner filter can also be easily removed and cleaned by turning.
Lightweight, quiet, flexible
Main motor with battery is only 1.5 kg / 3.3 lb, the handle also provides a nice feel, effortlessly clean every corner with just one hand. Thanks to the flexible LED electric brush, you can see and clean dust under furniture and bed. Only 65dB, quiet for baby and pets.
Charge the wall and charge the battery separately
With higher capacity 2500 mAh lithium-ion batteries. The operating time of the vacuum cleaner is 20 minutes in high mode (25 Kpa) and 40 minutes in low mode (15 Kpa). You can also remove the removable battery to charge it.