ITEHIL IT500 500W LiFePO4 Portable Power Station Geekbuying Coupon Promo Code


Get Latest Geekbuying Coupon Code For ITEHIL IT500 500W LiFePO4 Portable Power Station

The discount is valid for ITEHIL IT500 500W LiFePO4 Portable Power Station. If you use this promo code, you can buy it for only $499.00.This Coupon is valid till 8/31/2023

Key Features:
Durable & High Quality
The portable power station is LiFePO4 batteries and an aviation-grade aluminum alloy body, automobile power-level batteries are more explosion-proof, and the high-quality aluminum alloy makes the power station more robust and impact-resistant and last long time than other power stations using plastic.
Safe & Intelligent
Use a smart chip with multiple protections such as over-temperature protection, over-discharge protection, over-current protection, overload protection, short-circuit protection, over-voltage protection, etc which make the battery generator more safety.
Portable & Convenient
Portable design, with a handle, you can bring it wherever you want. When there is a power outage at home due to a snowstorm, it can act as an emergency light and a small generator to light up the dark night