JIGOO T600 Dual-Cup Smart Mite Cleaner Geekbuying Coupon Promo Code


Get Latest Geekbuying Coupon Code For JIGOO T600 Dual-Cup Smart Mite Cleaner with Aroma-Diffuser System, 700W 15KPa Suction, Dust Mite Sensor, UV Light, Ultrasonic Tech, 99.99% Mites Removal, EU Plug – Grey (Pl warehouse)

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Key Features:
Get Rid of Daily Mite Removal
Our unique aroma-diffused mite removal technology breaks aroma down into small molecules, allowing them to penetrate deep into your bedding and mattresses. This not only effectively repels the dust mites and bacteria on bedding but also prevents them from reproducing, eliminating daily mite removal and ensuring longer care for you and your family.
Separate Dual Cup Design
The capacity for each cup has greatly increased by the separate dual-cup design. The filter cup can filter even the tiniest bacteria, not just dust particles, and it won’t clog easily like other single-cup vacuum cleaners; with a larger capacity of 0.5L—three times that of its competitors, the dust cup enables you to tackle dust mites on your bed, sofa, and carpet at one time, without the need for frequent emptying.