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Get Latest Geekbuying Coupon Code For LaserPecker 3 Basic Handheld Laser Marking Machine, 600mm/s Speed, Wireless Connection, 4K Resolution, EU Plug

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Key Features:
LaserPecker 3 is an infrared laser marking machine that is specifically designed for engraving on metal. In addition, it has more advantages over the blue laser variants in terms of engraving speed, it has reached 600mm/s.
Unlike the second generation, the LaserPecker 3 delivers outstanding performance when engraving on metal and plastic surfaces. The device is claimed to be the smallest portable fiber optic marking machine available.
With dual optical lenses and dual focus, the machine achieves high-precision engraving with 4K resolution. We can hand-hold it to engrave directly on the surface of an object, regardless of its size and shape. A dual roller auto-rotation kit (which has to be bought separately) is also available so as to achieve 360° rotation engraving on the cylinder.