LIECTROUX YW509 Robot Window Cleaner Geekbuying Coupon Promo Code (Eu warehouse


Get Latest Geekbuying Coupon Code For LIECTROUX YW509 Robot Window Cleaner (Eu warehouse), Double Water Spray, 3000Pa Suction Power, Laser Sensor Anti-fall, 3 Cleaning Modes, Intelligent Path Planning, Low Noise, Remote Control – White
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Key Features:
Robot Window Cleaner with Double Water Tank
This robot window cleaner has two water tanks, and it will spray water automatically, no need to spray water frequently and manually.
Large Suction Power
With large suction power, it will firmly attach to the glass, easily cleaning stubborn stains without damaging the glass. Also, it has an anti-fall function to reduce the risk of window cleaning.
3 Different Cleaning Modes
One-click to start automatic cleaning mode for daily cleaning. If the glass is too dirty, choose X2 deep cleaning mode to meet your different needs.
Multi-layer Composite Tracks
It features high elasticity and high toughness rubber material to provide a smooth cleaning path.
Safe Protection
With an anti-fall function, when the robot cleans a window that may have one side without a frame, the sensors detect the frameless edge and withdraw timely to avoid falling down.
Multi-surface Application
Easily applicable for various kinds of facades, with high cleaning coverage without missing dead corners.
Remote Control & Safety Rope
With the remote control operated, it easily starts working with one press. Protection of safety rope with 100KgMPa ensures overall window cleaning safety.