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Get Latest Geekbuying Coupon Code For NEWTRAL NT001 Ergonomic Chair Adaptive Lower Back Support 3 Recline Angle Adjustable Backrest Armrest Headrest 5 Positions to Lock Nylon Base
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Key Features:
Adaptive Lower Back Support
The NEWTRAL office chair with lumbar support has an auto-chasing mechanism (first in the world for chairs) to ensure that your lower back will get constant support during different sitting postures automatically. The support strength and intensity can be adjusted to suit individual needs, and the low back supporter can be locked into place when necessary.
Adjustment Backrest
This ergonomic office chair with an adjustable backrest can adjust the backrest height up and down to meet the height needs of most people. You can adjust the sitting position with 5 locking positions and the Synchro-tilt mechanism allows for angle adjustments in 3 positions.
High-Density Sponge Cushion Seat
The seat cushion consists of high-density foam that supports your body and ensures a pleasant feel for prolonged periods of sitting. The seat depth can be adjusted to accommodate your legs for all-day comfort.
Mesh Backrest for Best Airflow and Comfort
The ergonomic chair with lower back support uses breathable back mesh. The ultimate airflow can avoid sweating and sticking to the back of the office chair.
3D Adjustable Armrest
The armrests can be adjusted in 3 dimensions: up and down, forward and backward, and angle adjustments. Also, a padded armrest surface offers great comfort and support for your arms.
Adjustable Headrest
The office chair with an adjustable headrest has dynamically adjustable headrest height and angle. This feature allows you to find comfortable support from the headrest. The height adjustment of the headrest goes higher than most office chairs which provides excellent support, especially for those people who are tall.
Certified Quality
The gas lift is a high-quality KGS class 4 made in Korea and certified by BIFMA/SGS. It is durable and able to withstand 350 lbs.