OKSJ BS06 True Bone Conduction Earphone Banggood Coupon Promo Code


Get Latest Banggood Coupon Code For OKSJ BS06 True Bone Conduction Earphone bluetooth 5.3 HiFi Stereo Surround Sound 16mm Moving Coil Unit HD Audio Intelligent Noise Cancelling 360° Flexible Magnetic Charging 32GB Memory Waterproof 30g Sport Earhooks Earphone
The discount is valid for OKSJ BS06 True Bone Conduction Earphone bluetooth. If you use this promo code, you can buy it for only US$39.99.This Coupon is valid till 6/30/2023

Key Features:
● bluetooth 5.3 Chip
Using high-performance imported bluetooth 5.3 chips, there is almost zero delay in music and calls, lower power consumption and more energy-saving, real-time transmission of calls, clear and smooth.
● HiFi Stereo Surround Sound
Brand-new bone conduction technology, with large-size bone conduction speakers, under the adjustment of professional tuners, the bass is rich, the intermediate frequency is delicate, and the high frequency penetrates, bringing excellent sound field performance. Bring an immersive stereo surround sound feeling.
● Intelligent Noise Cancelling
Use noise reduction technology to identify human voice and noise, improve voice clarity, and make calls as if they were face-to-face.
● 32g Big Memory
Built-in 32G memory, you can listen to music without a mobile phone during exercise, completely free your hands, and exercise more freely.
● Magnetic Charging
4 gold-plated electric shock designs, using magnetic suction for charging, fully enclosed structure, flat interface without dead ends, higher transmission efficiency.
● Waterproof Desgin
Waterproof design, no fear of rain and sweat, Effectively prevent the erosion from sweat & rain in entire exprecise process.
● 30g Lightweight
The weight of this earphone is just 30g, comfortable to wear, no any burdens for wearing to do sports.
● 360° Flexible
360° random bending without deformation, memory titanium alloy, anti-compression and breakage without deformation, free bending, loosen and automatically restore the original appearance.