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Key Features:
Design Concept
X-CF PRO is a 3d printer specially designed for printing carbon fiber and nylon filaments. Independent research and development of the latest generation single extruder system, which uses high-temperature alloy material, dual-gear extrusion, can solve the problem with the accuracy and the service life when printing carbon fiber. Another set of normal high-speed extruder can easily print PLA, ABS, PETG and other filaments.
Precision Manufacturing Process
QIDI TECH using industrial-grade manufacturing, dual z-axis and industrial guide, can achieve high precision, fast printing. Upgrading the XYZ structure, all use of industrial slides. PEI printing plate, solve printing models warp and other problems. The 3d printer’s structure is developed for the effective and accurate printing of carbon fiber. Meanwhile, printing other common filaments, the speed can be increased to 120cc per hour.
New technology upgrade
A new automatic intelligent leveling mode, using Korean laser module BLTouch, taking points up to 20 points to calculate the travel prime. With the new upgraded software, it is more intelligent, especially provide more effective and accurate parameters for printing carbon fiber and nylon filaments, which can be used right out of the box. The main board is made of main core Cortex-M4 and TMC2209 driver chip, matched with 800 x 480mm 5 inch HD capacitive display.