Roborock S7 Pro Ultra Robot Vacuum Cleaner Geekbuying Coupon Promo Code [EU Warehouse]


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Key Features:
With 600 rpm high-speed scrubbing, this robot vacuum cleaner with a unique washing system will wash the robot mop during cleanup and when finished.
Refills the robot water tank during the cleanup for a mopping range of up to 300 sqm.
With the auto-dustbin emptying function, it means you don’t need to change a bag for up to 7 weeks.
The self-cleaning function is designed to clean itself, too, which is for easier maintenance.
Fast Charging
Compared to previous Roborock docks, it recharges 30% faster and gets back to cleaning sooner.
Off-Peak Charging Supported
Get the most out of low energy prices by charging your vacuum during off-peak hours.
Save money while still keeping your robot charged up and ready to clean.
5100Pa Powerful Suction
From a maximum of 2500Pa on the Roborock S7 all the way to 5100Pa on the S7 Pro Ultra, that is more than double the power.