Roborock S8 6000Pa Robot Vacuum Geekmaxi Coupon Promo Code

€ 659.00

Get Latest Geekmaxi Coupon Code For Roborock S8 6000Pa Robot Vacuum Cleaner
The discount is valid for Roborock S8 6000Pa Robot Vacuum Cleaner. If you use this promo code, you can buy it for only € 659.00.This Coupon is valid till 5/31/2023

Key Features:
6000Pa Extreme Suction
Improved HyperForce® suction of 6000Pa means that the Roborock S8 robot vacuum cleaner can suck up all dirt and dust, effortlessly reaching even the smallest particles.
Reactive 3D Obstacle Avoidance
With 3D structured light and infrared imaging, the robot vacuum identifies and avoids potential hazards for a worry-free cleaning experience.
DuoRoller Brush
All-new dual rubber brushes enhance vacuuming by effectively removing dirt with fewer tangles and easily sweeping away hair.
VibraRise® Mopping System
Adopting sonic vibration technology, Roborock S8 can bring you 3000 times/min high-speed scrubbing, more than 6N mop pressure and the mop module can be lifted up to 5mm.
Level Up Carpet Cleaning
Carpet cleaning is a breeze with the Roborock Carpet Boost system that’ll leave your carpet mess-free from pet hair to bread crumbs.
PreciSense® LiDAR Navigation & No-Go-Zones
PreciSense® LiDAR Navigation system scans and creates detailed maps to find an optimal route to clean, leaving dirt with no escape. Roborock S8 can automatically detect easy-to-get-stuck places and suggests No-Go Zones. Draw Invisible Walls to block certain areas in the Roborock App.
Multi-level 3D Mapping System
3D Map allows you to accurately build your house and add furniture virtually to create a detailed map of your house. Multi-level mapping automatically recognizes distinct levels of your home (up to four floors supported). All you have to do is put the robot down.
Custom Cleaning Routines
Decide when the robot vacuum cleans with custom cleaning schedules and set routines for particular areas in the house regularly or on demand.
Off-Peak Charging
You can choose off-peak times to charge to save on power as well as the costs of using peak-time electricity.