SCULPFUN S30 Pro Max with Laser Bed Geekbuying Coupon Promo Code (PL Warehouse)


Get Latest Geekbuying Coupon Code For SCULPFUN S30 Pro Max 20W Laser Engraver Cutter (Poland Warehouse) , Automatic Air-assist, 0.08*0.1mm Laser Focus, 32-bit Motherboard, Replaceable Lens, Engraving Size 410*400mm, Expandable to 935*905mm
The discount is valid for SCULPFUN S30 Pro Max 20W Laser Engraver Cutter. If you use this promo code, you can buy it for only $519.11.This Coupon is valid till 3/1/2024

Key Features:
Because of the powerful laser power, it is forbidden to run the engraving machine without being supervised. Pause it if you’re not around.
For detailed machine instructions, please refer to the manual for parameter settings.
When operating the laser engraving machine, please install the laser protective cover; if it is not installed, you need to wear goggles.
Do not touch the laser with your hands, otherwise, you may burn your hands.
Please avoid a strong impact on the machine.
It is forbidden for children under 14 years old to use this product, and children over 14 years old need adult supervision.
Do not apply the laser directly to any specular reflection object, which may cause injury to the operator or burn the laser.