TALLPOWER V2400 Portable Power Station Geekmaxi Coupon Promo Code


Get Latest Geekmaxi Coupon Code For TALLPOWER V2400 Portable Power Station, 2160Wh LiFePo4

The discount is valid for TALLPOWER V2400 Portable Power Station. If you use this promo code, you can buy it for only 739.00.This Coupon is valid till 12/31/2023

Key Features:
2160Wh Large Capacity & 2400W AC Output
TALLPOWER V2400 portable power station has an ultra-large capacity of 2160Wh and 2400W AC output so that it can be used not only for small appliances, but also for large appliances such as microwaves, kota, electric blankets, and car refrigerators.
LiFePO4 Battery & Safe Protection
The built-in battery uses Lithium Iron Phosphate battery (LiFePO4), which has excellent safety and long life, and the battery can be used for approximately 10 years. Equipped with a battery management system (BMS) that monitors and manages internal batteries, it has overcharge, over-discharge, over-voltage, over-current protection, and temperature detection protection.
Adjustable Input Power
The charging efficiency is designed with 5 levels, including 300W, 500W, 700W, 900W, and 1100W. Not only can you adjust and protect your device according to input power, but also avoid damage caused by voltage instability. You can effectively adjust the charging time of the AC charger and flexibly control the time according to your travel or use plan.