Tesvor S5 Robot Vacuum Cleaner Geekbuying Coupon Promo Code


Get Latest Geekbuying Coupon Code For Tesvor S5 Robot Vacuum Cleaner, 3 in 1 Vacuum Mopping Sweeping, 3000Pa Suction, LiDAR Navigation, 600ml Dust Box, 2600mAh Battery, Max 180 Mins Runtime, App/Voice Control (Eu warehouse)

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Key Features:
3-in-1 Robot Vacuum Cleaner
Tesvor S5 robot vacuum cleaner is equipped with a 600ml dust box that can collect most dust, paper scraps, and pet hair. After sweeping, install a 350ml electric water tank, and you can enjoy the wet mopping function. Freely adjust 3-speed water output modes via the app to control the wetness of the mop pad. Suitable for all hard floors, low carpet, and hardwood.
Advanced LiDAR Navigation
The robot vacuum cleaner can use sensors such as laser radar to scan a high-precision environmental map and position itself in real time to enable intelligent navigation and route planning. It owns an 8M laser range and can build a map in a minute (up to 5 maps). When compared to the gyroscope navigation system, the mapping accuracy is more precise, and cleaning efficiency improved by 50%.
3000Pa Powerful Suction for Deeper Cleaning
Compared with other robotics vacuum cleaners, it’s powerful with up to 3000Pa suction. The S5 robotic vacuum can flexibly switch between 3 sweeping modes and 3 mopping modes per your need. When detecting carpet, it automatically switches to maximum suction mode.
Smart APP and Voice Control
The Robotic Vacuums can work with the Tesvor Home App. You can easily complete your personalized cleaning needs anytime, anywhere, which contains set cleaning schedules, adjusting suction, water levels, changing cleaning modes, creating no-go zones, and more. It is also compatible with Alexa/Google Assistant and supports start and stop cleaning by voice intelligence control. (The app only supports 2.4G network).