TWOTREES® TS2-20W Laser Engraver Professional Laser Engraving Machine Banggood Coupon Promo Code [US Warehouse]


Get Latest Banggood Coupon Code For TWOTREES® TS2-20W Laser Engraver Professional Laser Engraving Machine Auto Focus with Air Assist 410mm*410mm Large Engraving Area 20W Laser Power APP
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Key Features:
410*410MM large size engraving area;
Equipped with flame alarm system, which can send an alarm and stop engraving;
Quick stop and quick shutdown, which is convenient for one-key on/off;
Various control methods: APP operation, offline operation , online operation;
The main board reserves an external display port, and customers can purchase an external display screen for offline use;
ESP32 main control board is more compatible with GRBL&Lightburn software, and has higher engraving and cutting accuracy;
Silk-screen scale profiles, easy to use Measure the size of engraved objects;
Equipped with a laser automatic lifting module, which is easy to adjust;
Laser touch automatic focus function, automatic focus, easy to use;
X/Y axis belt tensioner design, easy to adjust the belt tightness;
Tow chain routing design, the machine line is routed from the tow chain, and the appearance is clean;
The unique Y-axis motor module design ensures the stability and synchronization of the Y-axis operation, and the engraving accuracy is higher;
Matching Air-assisted system (excluding air pump), improve the engraving and cutting effect;
With 20W high-power laser module, it can engrave/cut many materials (refer to the attached table for specific materials);