UDIRC UDI908 2.4G 40KM/h Brushless Banggood Coupon Promo Code


Get Latest Banggood Coupon Code For UDIRC UDI908 2.4G 40KM/h Brushless Waterproof RC Boat Capsize Reset RTR Model with Water Cooling System
The discount is valid for UDIRC UDI908 2.4G 40KM/h Brushless. If you use this promo code, you can buy it for only US$99.83.This Coupon is valid till 6/20/2023

Key Features:
Double layer boat cover waterproof desgin
Brushless water-cooled motor
Capsize reset
Model grade 2.4G remote control handle
Yaw automatic correction
Water cooling system
Water sensor protection
Over distance alarm
Low battery warning
Support multi-player race together without interfere