Ultenic MC1 Robot Vacuum Cleaner Geekbuying Coupon Promo Code (Eu warehouse)


Get Latest Geekbuying Coupon Code For Ultenic MC1 Robot Vacuum Cleaner with Fully-Automatic Station, 5000Pa Suction, Dual-Rotating Mopping, Hot Air Drying, 3L Dustbag, 5200mAh Battery, Max 180 Mins Runtime, APP/Voice Control (Eu warehouse)

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Key Features:
Fully-Automatic Station
The base station of the MC1 robot vacuum cleaner not only features self-emptying, but also has the function of auto mop washing and self hot air drying so that you will be completely free from contact with stains.
5000Pa Suction Power
The MC1 robot vacuum cleaner has a suction power of up to 5,000 PA and a runtime of up to 180 minutes, while the station has a 3L dust bag and 4L+4L water tanks.
LDS Navigation
The MC1 features the most advanced LDS navigation, 360° scanning, 8 meters mapping distance, and 2160 samples per second to provide the most accurate and fastest map building. The MC1 is also equipped with 4 sets of anti-drop sensors, ultrasonic carpet detection sensors, and wall sensors to ensure more precise and seamless cleaning.
Perfect Cleaning
The double-rotating cloth of the MC1 floor cleaning robot vacuum cleaner rotates 180 times per minute and generates a pressure of 6N on the floor to clean the most stubborn stains. The station cleans mops in 60 seconds, and you can also set a custom time interval for cleaning mops. The station also offers hot air drying, and you can choose between quick (2 hours) or silent (4 hours) drying.