Xiaomi AX3000T CN Version IPTV Gigabit Ethernet Router Geekbuying Coupon Promo Code


Get Latest Geekbuying Coupon Code For Xiaomi AX3000T CN Version IPTV Gigabit Ethernet Router, 5 Channel Signal Amplifiers, 3000MB Wireless Rate, WiFi 6

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Key Features:
High-Speed Wireless Connectivity
With a support for a 3000 Megabit wireless rate and WiFi 6 technology, it achieves a dual-band concurrent wireless rate of up to 2976Mbps.
NFC Quick Connect
Supporting NFC Quick Connect, users with compatible Android phones can effortlessly and securely connect to the network with a simple tap, providing convenient and swift access.
Multi-Device Connection and Stability
Equipped with 256MB of RAM, it can connect up to 128 devices, ensuring stable connections and uninterrupted performance when multiple devices are online simultaneously.
Support for Various Network Layouts
It offers multiple networking options, including wireless, wired, and hybrid networking, catering to diverse user network needs.