Yeedi VAC station robot vacuum cleaner Gshopper Coupon Promo Code [NL Warehouse]

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Key Features:
3000Pa ] yeedi robot vacuum cleaner scrubber connected with a vacuum system is classic that flap the dust to the center, it’s hot lift pet hair, crumbs, dirt and debris as a hurricane. Then dirts and dust are oriented to the tank dedicated, equipped with a check valve and filter system. It works perfectly on carpet and hard soil like tiles, flooring, etc.

[Please clear Automatic 15S, without being in Contact with dirt] through dump station which can collect automatic dust after cleaning, you n’aurez more to put hands in the dirt to drain the dust bin. Just open the cover and pull the bag disposable for lay. Smart System gathering dirts in bags themselves that the locks auto when you retire’s feature of station to avoid making drop dustproof again.