ZENDURE SuperBase Pro 2000 Power Station 2,096Wh Capacity 3,000W Geekbuying Coupon Promo Code [US Warehouse]


Get Latest Geekbuying Coupon Code For ZENDURE SuperBase Pro 2000 Portable Power Station 2,096Wh Large Capacity 3,000W Ampup Capability, 14 Outputs, 6.1 Inch Clear Display, Built-in 4G IoT, App Control, Charge to 80% in 1 Hour, with Industrial-Grade Wheels

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Key Features:
Capacity: 2,096Wh
Temperature: Discharge -20 to +60 degree Celsius (-4 to 140 Fahrenheit) / Charge 0 to 45 degree Celsius (32 to 113 Fahrenheit)
Cycle Life: 3,000
AC Output: 2,000W
AC Outlets: 6
Recharging Time: 2 H
Built-In Adapter: 1,800W
USB Ports: 2 x PD 100W each, 2 x PD 20W total, Total 220W
Solar Input: 1,800W, 60-160V, AC Input 600W, 12-60V, XT60
Display: 6.1inch Large Display
Battery Cells: Li-NMC
AC Charging: 1,800 Max, 100-120VAC
Solar Charging: XT60, 600W Max, 12-60V DC AC Input, 1,800W Max, 60-160VDC
Car Charging: Supports 12/24V
6 x AC: 2,000W Max (100-120V)
1 x Car Outlet: 13.6V/10A Max
3 x DC5521: 13.6V/10A Max
USB-C(1): 5V-20V, 100W Max
USB-C(2): 5V-20V, 100W Max
USB-C(3)(4): 5V-12V, 20W Max Total